What have you been up to since graduation?  

Kokomo High School has been through many changes. The areas marked in yellow show the new construction since we graduated and the letters outline the nature of that construction. 

- Additional English and special edu. classrooms occupy the first floor and foreign language, math and science classrooms are located on the second floor.
B - Additional practice rooms for band
C - A much-needed second small gym and a cardio-fitness center occupy much of this area.
D - Boys and girls locker rooms
E - Career Center

Please post your profile & pictures below (and update as needed) and tell us what's been going on in your life!

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Marc Marc Watkins (Watkins)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Pastor / Minister Married 4
 After 25 years and ministering on both east and west coast, I have returned to my hometown of Kokomo to Pastor the church my dad Pastored  When I was in high school.   I am also serving as a police chaplain for the KPD.  My desire is to stay at Kokomo Trinity Weslyan church  until I am able to retire from the ministry.   It is great to come home and be a part of the community.  Send Marc a MessageSend Marc a Message
Debra Whitney
March 05, 1968 Postal Corrections Spec.-Lee Correctional Institutin (prison) Committed Relationship 5
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Jill Richards (Williams)
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nurse Married 2
Beth Williams (Williams-Gannon)
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May 13, 1968 Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist /Phlebotomy Instructor/OCPR Instructor/Defibrillator  
Instructor/Owner and Operator of Gannon Sta Married 1
Recently married to an awesome christian man! We own and operate Gannon Stables Horse Boarding and Thoroughbred Training Center. I have been in the Medical field for 22 years and thinking about retiring to spend time with other occupation which is a 24/7 job (but becoming my new passion). I have a beautiful daughter "Abby" who is 22 and an even more beautiful grandson "J'siah" who is 29 months old. We all live in Florida and enjoy the beautiful weather. Hope to be able to make it to the reunion!!! Send Beth a MessageSend Beth a Message
Dan Wilson
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April 27, 1968 Firefighter Married 2
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David Wilson
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Logistics Administrator Single
Not much has changed since I updated the last time. (Not sure if anyone really reads these) Still working as a logistics/purchasing agent for a large aluminum/industrial parts supplier. Still working on my house I bought 5 years ago. Doesn't need a lot but just giving it my own touch. Built in 1950 so it's a little dated. I hope all is doing well.  Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Ron Wininger
July 21, 1966 Committed Relationship
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Randy Workman
November 10, 1967 truck driver/ recycling business Married 3
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Sara Hill (Wright)
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Finance Married 6
Wow I can not believe that it is 20 years already. I am living in Texas love it here wouldn't trade it for nothing... I guess I just got tired of the snow. I have 6 Wonderful Children Michael 20 serving in the US Army, Megan 19, William 17, Lizabeth 11 and Noah will be 9 in August. I have been married to the most wonderful man for 5 years, second time is the charm :). I currently work in Auto Finance and I love my JOB!! My interest and probably will be hard to believe by most is NASCAR. We work at the track in Texas every year and wow the memories from there. Send Sara a MessageSend Sara a Message
Anne Wyant (Yaste)
Senior Learning Specialist Married 1
Hello class of 86!  After graduation I attended IU-Kokomo and received my Bachelor's in Business Management & Administration.  I married my husband David in 1991 and we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary this Fall.    I have worked at ADP for 29 years and the majority of those I have spent in our Enterprise Learning Department.    I was blessed during my daughter's school years that I was able to work reduced hours to spend more time with her and her school activities.  

Our daughter, Abi, is 23 now and graduated during the pandemic Class of 2020 from Ball State University with a Marketing Degree.  During college she was a cheerleader for Ball State and my husband and I were regulars at the Football and Basketball games.   Abi had an internship with Sherwin-Williams during college and is now gainfully employed by them (yay).  Abi will be married this fall to a wonderful man she met in High School and reconnected with in College.  We are wedding planning and I am looking forward to being the mother of the bride.     
In our spare time my husband and I compete in Dog Agility competitions throughout the US.  We enjoy training and traveling with our dogs to different events.  In 2020 my husband's Mini American Shephard was the #1 Mini American Shephard in Agility at the American Kennel Club Invitational.   I have not been as skillful with competing as my husband but I try, I have competed with my Cocker Spaniel, A Chihuahua and now I have a new dog a Mini American Shephard that I hope to be my next agility star. 

We live in Noblesville Indiana but train our dogs in Indianapolis at Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center on the South side.  If you are ever interested in trying agility stop by you can find us there a lot on the week nights and weekends.  
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